What is Special Friends Foundation?



In May of 1997, Special Friends Foundation purchased its first home and set up a family home environment for adults with intellectual disabilities. We purchased our second house in June 2003 and developed a group home for men and a group home for women. The Vaughan home (3700 sq. ft. license #374600641) is on a 1.25 acre lot directly adjacent to 55 acres of dedicated open space.  It has a ranch style layout boasting 8 bedrooms, 5 baths and an expansive living area. The Sagewood Home (3500 Sq ft. license #374601939) is on a half acre lot in the beautiful Green Valley area of North Poway.  It too is a one-story home with 8 bedrooms, 5 baths and a built-in fenced swimming pool.  Both homes area ideally located two blocks from the bus stop.  Our house parents are dedicated professionals, providing a true family environment that nurtures independence.

Integrating Individualized Programing for our Residents


What is Special Friends Foundation?

Special Friends Foundation (SFF) is a non-profit organization 501(C)(3)  funded for special needs adults by parents, friends and other concerned community members.


Our Mission Statement

Providing Caring Hearts and Homes is the essence of what Special Friends is about.


Our Goal

Our goal is to create a secure, safe, nurturing home-like atmosphere for those who are developmentally delayed.  We provide a total environment of care and support with therapeutic and educational services.  This will allow each individual to build a sense of self-worth and independence in order to become an important, contributing part of the community. 

Setting the Stage for Success and a Healthy Quality of Life



We focus on the development of each individual's strengths in a nurturing setting.  We provide high quality residential care and supportive services in an enriched environment for persons who are developmentally challenged.  We raise public awareness, understanding and acceptance of those with special needs through integrated community activities.


Our Special Location

Poway is a welcoming, friendly town for special needs individuals with excellent special education services as well as a simple-to-use bus system. In addition, Poway-Community Services supports programs to enhance social development for our residents such as bowling and social functions.

Halloween Party 2019 at Sagewood group home

Our Programs

Each resident has an Individual Program Plan (IPP) that is developed and updated annually with the involvement of the house parents, the family home administrator and appropriate case worker. Our program is designed to assist with both the social and skill development of our residents.  In addition, we facilitate their employment opportunities, social activities and community involvement.

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Administrator Michelle Wojciechowski

Special Friends Foundation


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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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